Media loading


The use of a robot to load the paper inside the rotary table molds allows precision in coupling with the endcap element. The media positioning is also repeatable over time for a product with a constant level of quality.

To guarantee the concentricity of the media and the endcap, it is possible to modify online the position of the paper inside the molds for each station of the rotating table. This allows to compensate any mechanical errors that do not make all the stations equivalent.

The correction can be easily selected from a PC and transmitted to the robot via Ethernet.

In detail

The press of the paper with the endcap is independent for each side of the filter. This allows to check each filter pressed.

Moreover, when the press goes down the robot keeps the media in position. Between the first and the second press there is no reference loss: the strength of the robot keeps the grip of the paper throughout the filter production process.

Once the operations on the table are completed, the finished products are unloaded by the robot onto an unloading conveyor.