Release agent application


Through the 6-axis robot, equipped with spray guns and a tool with a rotating brush, it is possible to reach all the parts of the molds, even the undercuts, which are difficult to be reached with a manipulator.

Through the guns all types of release agents on the market (water base, solvent base and wax base) can be sprayed in an adequate quantity and in the right directions; the brush helps this function and allows to distribute the silicon inside the molds while removing the excesses.


  • Possibility of using release agents with a high percentage of concentrate;
  • Reduction of the consumption of release agent;
  • Possibility of operator elimination;
  • Significant reduction of defects and scraps;
  • More time between one cleaning of the molds and the other one;
  • Possibility of making comparisons between different suppliers of release agents as the application does not depend on the skill of the operator;
  • Significant reduction in pollution.

In detail

 As an option we offer online monitoring of  consumption through the use of a load cell. In this way we can:

  • Inform the operator when the silicone falls below a certain value, so that he can fill the container;
  • Inform when the average consumption of silicone is not in line with the standard one, allowing to intercept potential problems (occlusion of a gun, lack of pressure), and to have the process under control.

Autec in numbers

Before our robot

35 grams/pair

average consumption

With our robot

3-5 grams/pair

average consumption

Average saving

31 Kg/day = 7,7 T/year

assuming 1000 pairs/day