Endcaps loading


Manual loading of the rotary table molds involves the use of an operator destined exclusively for this operation. This solution does not allow the system to have productive autonomy.

For this reason, we offer solutions for the automatic loading of endcaps.

Semi-automatic endcaps loading with limited autonomy

We propose a rotary table divided in sectors. Each sector has a specific number of endcaps to load on the table; an anthropomorphic robot picks up the endcaps from the buffers and places them in the molds. Once the buffers are empty, the table moves a step forward and the robot is faced with new full buffers from which takes more endcaps.

Automatic endocaps loading with high autonomy

The feeding system works with endcap that have different shapes and sizes between them.

Through a sophisticated system of controls, sensors and belts in cascade, two endcaps come in a defined position where a robot picks and places them in the rotary table mold.